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Decorate the Tree (seasonal)

The warm scent of banana nut bread straight from the oven coupled with the freshness of a cut pine tree

Family Gathering

Fresh and fruity with mango and papaya

Happy Hour

Fresh and zesty with mint and pineapple

Soul Food (seasonal)

Warm your soul with the aroma of nutmeg, maple, and cinnamon.  No calories added (you're welcome)

Bold and Beautiful


Tart and sweetly alluring blend of pomegranate and cedarwood


Masculine with hints of sweet infused with sandalwood and jasmine

Bless the Baby 

Bold essence of jasmine snuggled with the calmness of lavender

Coffee Break

Invigorating espresso with hints of caramel macchiato

Date Night 

Bold and classy with tobacco and vanilla

Man Cave 

Bold and smooth with mahogany and lavender


Santa Baby (seasonal)

Santa just gave you a hug and wrapped it in the scent of pine, cedar, and the sweetness of tobacco

Sassy Pumpkin (seasonal)

Spice up your pumpkin with the roasted spices of chai


A sultry blend of cedar and geranium


The Fall collection is here!!!

Spice up the season with Sassy Pumpkin, Spiked Cider, Soul Food, Santa Baby, and Decorate the Tree.  This season, you will also have the option of our Fall Mix-and-Mingle box to include four of the 4oz seasonal fragrances.  Seasonal scents are limited in quantity. 


Experience our "Woosah" Collection:  Enjoy the calm of sweet peppermint with earthy eucalyptus for a refreshing spa-like experience paired with Woosah with Peace, Woosah with Rose, and Woosah with Jade.

Signature scent “Peace” -  Aquatic fruits and a light herbal melody of essential oils 

Rose - Intoxicating and sensual scent surrounded by a delicate touch of greenery 

Jade - Succulent, lively fragrance reminiscent of emerging spring buds 

Fragrances: List


by Scent Category


Citrus Sunrise 

Refreshing with grapefruit and lavender


A spiritual blend of cedar and sage

Rise and Shine

Refreshing and invigorating mix of peppermint and eucalyptus

The Climb

Fresh and earthy with bamboo and grapefruit

Hints of Sweet and Savory

Elegant and Calm / Spa


Calm and relaxing with orchid and plum


Fireside in Napa Valley

Smooth with hints of cedar, amber, and grapes


Delicate and regal with blossoming magnolia and peony


Spiked Cider (seasonal)

Keep your calm with the hot beverage scent of autumn apples and the aged vanilla of bourbon  

Tender Touch 

Comforting ambiance of coconut and jasmine

Woosah collection

Calm of sweet peppermint with earthy eucalyptus for a refreshing spa-like experience paired with the scent of Peace, Rose, or Jade.

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